Printing Terms & Conditions


Printing may be an unfamiliar process to you, that’s understandable, but please clarify any questions before signing off on your order. We are even happy to make an appointment with you and go through all the details, just give us a call or email to organise a time.


Art Approval

Juice Print will make every attempt possible to layout artwork as instructed, but human error and technical errors are inevitable. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to review the final artwork layout and approve it for production. Juice Print will not be held responsible for errors in artwork layouts that have been reviewed and approved (signed off) by the customer. Any changes made after signing off may incur extra fees and/or cause a delay to the completion of your job..


Print Size

Remember that the mock-up of your print on the art approval sheet is not to scale. We provide the actual measurements next to the design so that you can visualise it, a handy tip is to draw up the sizes or print your design on some paper to scale and take a look how it physically appears.


Garment Sizes and Styles

The last page of the job sheet details all the garments we will be printing for you. Please make sure that you check the styles/sizes/colours carefully. Mistakes can happen with back and forth emails and phone calls so it’s important that you approve this final checklist to make sure we are printing the correct items.


Print Scale

If you are printing across a wide variety of styles and sizes we will always do our best to represent how your design scale will translate across very small to very large garments. If you have questions about how your design will look, please get in touch before signing off on your order. It’s easier to guide you through the process before printing that to explain it after the garments are printed.


Print Placement

Because the process of screen printing is manually done for the most part, there is no effective or efficient way to measure a distance from the collar of every single individual shirt that gets loaded onto the press.  For example, if you request a print that is 8cm down from the collar, we will measure the first couple to make sure the print hits that target, though since this is just a guide, not all shirts will be exactly 8cm from the collar, they may vary as the garment is loaded onto the press by hand. This will not be considered a misprint and we will not be liable for reprinting or refunding these garments.


If you don’t supply us with your placements for your printed designs we will go off our standard placements for specific prints. For example, a front pocket print is generally 8 - 10 cm down from the collar and centred to the left hand side of the tee, while a large front print is generally 6cm down from the collar. We do our best to make sure the placement of the print is true to the design, and works best with the garment.

Pallet Marks

The pallet on a screen printing machine is the piece of equipment that holds the garment to be screen printed onto the arm of the machine that does the screen printing. Pallet marks tend to show the outline of where the pallet meets the garment.

Garment colour pallet marks are usually most apparent on dark coloured garments. In fact, if you use the same squeegee pressure, temperature, and pallet on a dark coloured garment and a light coloured garment, you might only see pallet marks on the dark coloured garment.  Please note that it will disappear after washing. It is a common occurrence when the screen printing method is applied to dark coloured shirts.  Some garments also mark where others don’t at all.  It can depend on the material of the garment.



Minimum artwork resolution is 300 DPI, actual size.

Vector files are preferred (save as .ai .pdf .eps).

High resolution .jpg or .tiff may be appropriate but artwork charges may apply.

Please flatten all layers and ensure all text is outlines before sending your files.


Ink Colours

We use pantone codes to mix inks, it ensures we can correctly follow formulas to make the inks for your job. If you have not supplied us with pantone codes we will pick the closest match from your artwork. If you would prefer, you’re welcome to make an appointment to come to the studio and pick your colours using our pantone swatch books. If you have a PMS Colour you specifically want or need for your order, let our design team know at the beginning of your order.

We aren’t responsible for colours not matching 100% as we allow a small a very small variance for colour matching. If there’s something you’ve printed elsewhere or something you’re trying to colour match, please bring it in for us to match.

Inks are mixed by hand, batches can vary in colour particularly if no sample is provided.  If we are doing a re-print of a job we ask that you bring in an old garment so we can match the colours.

If you printed waterbase/discharge on a certain garment brand in the past, the final product may differ from your current order. This is due to the manufacturing process of the shirt itself. It’s possible to have a batch of 100% cotton garments, for example, that water base/discharge differently than any other given batch.


Supplied Garments

We have an extensive range of blank garments and items we can source for you to print. Our preferred suppliers for garments are AS Colour, JB’s Wear, Ramo, Aussie Pacific and more. If you would like to view samples in person we have a range available for you to try at our studio. Let us know if you want to come in and take a look.


When dropping off supplied garments, please ensure all correct numbers are delivered, and the garments are split into their respective prints and labelled clearly. Additional charges for splitting supplied orders into their sizes and prints may apply.  We ask that if you are supplying your own garment that you supply it clean and laundered.


Please note if you wish to supply your own garments it is at your own risk, for the most part we will request to see the garment in person before we determine if we can print on it, though if this isn’t the case we cannot accept any responsibility for any negative effects caused by the printing process of your supplied garments (sublimation, scorching, melting, shrinking). This also applies to any supplied Active Wear garments including Dry-fit tees that are made from 100% Polyester or Poly blends (Nylon, Spandex or Lycra). We advise all customers supplying Athletic garments to speak to their supplier or manufacturer about the best way to apply prints to these specific garments, especially is your job is time sensitive.


Garment Disclaimer

We are not responsible for manufacturer defects such as colour inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose/inconsistent stitching, and/or garment defects (holes in garments, ripped seams, etc.). We try our hardest to inspect the garments as we print them, but we cannot guarantee each garment. We are not the manufacturers of these garments, so we cannot ensure their construction.



Any quote is valid for 14 days only from the quote date and is subject to final submitted artwork.  If we are supplying goods, we require a 50% deposit on placement of order. Rush jobs require payment in full upfront.  Turnaround is 2-3 weeks from approval of artwork and/or receiving the deposit, not from the contract made.


Rush Jobs

Our regular turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from receiving the 50% deposit and approval of your orders art approval sheet. If you wanted to book in a job and pick it up under this time, a 25% rush fee is applied to guarantee the jobs completion by the due date. To ensure your job is completed by its due date, we require full payment up front and all details of your order including all artwork and garment breakdowns sent through as soon as possible. If you’re unsure whether or not your job falls under the regular turnaround time, send through an email and we’ll be able to help you get your job sorted and ready by its desired completion date.



Juice Print reserves the right to change pricing without notice. This is mainly due to suppliers and their price changes being out of our control.



If you are purchasing garments through us and our suppliers we require a 50% deposit before we can begin your order. Once this is paid and your job sheet is signed off we can begin your order. The remaining payment for your order is required after the job is completed either on pick up or before it gets posted.

Delayed payments may result in a delay of your jobs completion time.


Payment options include:

Cash, Bank Deposit and Credit Cards.


We love the work we do and will often photograph the jobs and your design in the process, if you’d prefer not to have your items photographed or used in our marketing materials please let us know in writing.


Finally, The old adage of measure twice, cut once always comes to mind for us. Better to ask the questions, check and double check the elements of your job than to have a surprise with the finished product.