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Screen printing is a traditional form of t-shirt printing whereby ink is pulled through a screen onto the fabric below.  It is a long-lasting form of print and is used for bulk orders of garments with the same print.


How Pricing is Calculated

When ordering screen printed clothing there are a number of factors that effect the price.  Firstly the number of colours in the design.  The screen and set up costs are included in our print price but bare in mind the designs with multiple colours will make the price more expensive.  Secondly, the number of garments being printed with the design.  The price is based on all the garments having the same print put onto them and the unit price becomes cheaper when you print more.  Finally, please note that a 'handling' fee of $3.30 will also apply for supplied garments.


When placing an order for screen print, artwork designs are fitted to fit the smallest shirt in the order.  If different print sizes or designs are required, additional screen charges will apply.  Individual names or prints are not suitable for screen printing and would need to be heat transferred.


How the Process Works

A screen is created by coating it with a light sensitive emulsion on the mesh surface and when dry a stencil of the design is then exposed onto the screen using a light table.  The light solidifies the emulsion around the design and were the light fails to pass through the design, the emulsion does not expose and the design can then be rinsed out of the screen.


Once the screen is dry, the machine is set and the garment is placed onto a board below the screen.  When ready to print the screen is then brought down and placed on top of the shirt and a squeegee is used to pull ink through the screen.  Some garments. such as coloured shirts, require 3-4 layers of each ink colour to be built up between flash drying to ensure an opaque print.


Once the printing is complete, the garment is removed and cured through a curing tunnel to dry and cure the ink into the fabric, ensuring a long lasting print.


Each colour in the design requires its own screen and setup, so multiple colour designs become expensive to print if only a few garments are required.  Very fine details and text less than 3mm high should be avoided as it can often ‘close up’ during printing due to the ink bleeding.  The texture of the fabric being printed onto can also impact on the print finish and superior details can only be produced on a smooth fabric.


For full details on caring for your screen printed garments, please click on this link "Garment Care and Washing Instructions".


Where abouts on a garment we can screen print your design

Below are a few of the most common positions that we print on t-shirts and the names we call each position.


It should be noted that we cannot screen print right to the edges/seams of t-shirts, over buttons or too close to collars.  We also generally do not print over stitching and folds, for the sake of a great looking design and print.