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For cost-effective printing on a single or small quantity of t-shirts (usually less than 10), we offer heat transfer printing. It’s quick, with minimal setup costs, and allows enough flexibility to be able to create beautiful results!


Although we specialise in screen printing, in certain circumstances some designs or logos are better suited to using heat transfer printing which involves heat pressing a special printed t-shirt vinyl or cut-out coloured vinyl onto garments.


When to use Heat Transfer Printing

•    Individual Names or Numbers

•    Single custom garments

•    Small orders (usually less than 10)

•    For full colour photographs with sharp detail

•    For fashion effect prints – Glitter / Starflex / Neon Colours

•    When a one-off sample is required


Types of Heat Transfer Vinyls


Cutout Coloured Vinyl

Best suited for cut out letters, simple spot colour designs or individual numbers/names on t-shirts.

The design is cut out of the chosen vinyl colour, weeded (excess removed) and then heat pressed onto the t-shirt.

We can create great t-shirt prints, using coloured vinyls which include colours, glitters and bright dayglo colours. They are premium polyurethane vinyls which can be used on white or coloured t-shirts.


Full Colour Vinyl

Full colour vinyl prints are best used for graphics, photos and some logos.

The design is printed in CMYK onto the vinyl, cut to shape, weeded (excess removed) and then heat pressed onto the t-shirt.

Perfect for creating small amounts of t-shirts with a company logo or photo. The vinyl is a premium polyurethane t-shirt vinyl from Germany which can be used on both white or coloured shirts.



How the Process Works

We use a 40cm x 40cm heat press. Unlike screen printing, where the ink absorbs slightly into the garment, heat transfers sit on top of the garment. They look sharp and retain a bright colour as the garment base colour does not affect the design. A heat transfer can be made of either a full colour printed vinyl or a one colour vinyl, which is then weeded and applied to the garment using the heat press.


For full details on caring for your screen printed garments, please click on this link "Garment Care and Washing Instructions".